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TV Lag Makes You Lose Online Games!

February 16, 2012 Leave a comment


TV Lag Makes You Lose Online Games!

In this video:

We talk about TV response times, how they effect your gaming, what to look for if buying a new TV and how you can improve your old LCD or Plasma TV!


iPhone 4S Revealed Today! No iPhone 5 yet :(

October 4, 2011 2 comments

iPhone 4S Revealing

Today Apple held an event in Cupertino to press release the new iPhone everyone had waited over a year for. It was dissapointing to find out the iPhone 5 was not here yet. Instead the iPhone 4S was introduced which has the same looks as it’s younger brother, the iPhone 4. However the hardware has been upgraded using the same processor as in the current iPad 2 which is dual core so 2x as fast and up to 7x faster graphics. The camera has increased by 3 megapixels and is now 8 megapixels with a few more features including 5 lens’ instead of 4, face detection, ability to take macro shots and is now accessible from the ‘lock screen’. Below you can see the main features listed.

Hardware Spec

  • Dual Core A5 Chip (iPad2 processor / twice as fast as iPhone 4).
  • 8 Megapixel Camera – New optics, face detection, accessible from the ‘lock screen’.
  • iCloud (Online Storage).
  • Dual Antenna.
  • World Phone.
  • 1080p HD Video – Recording 30 frames per second.
  • Gyro to stabilise video recording.


  • Edit photos.
  • Notification centre.
  • iMessage – similar to BlackBerry messenger.
  • Reminders.
  • Siri (Phone Assistant Software).

The iPhone 4S now only takes 1.1 seconds to capture the first photo and just half a second for the next shot.

The internet / data download speeds have also doubled from 7.2Mbps to 14.4Mbps

Siri is the new voice activated software which can send and read text messages, set alarms and reminders, tell you what the weather is like to name only a few features to be stated today.

Here is the link to Apple’s iPhone 4S page.

What do you think? Did you expect the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5? Will the iPhone 5 look different? Do you like that they kept the iPhone 4 looks?

Leave your comments below! We will keep you updated on further information in the future!