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iMessage Fails to Send

February 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Since iMessage was brought out last year (2011) I have been gladly using it as it means that I no longer need to rely on Apps like Whatsapp or Liveprofile to share photos and videos over WiFi.

But there is one major problem – sometimes it will go to send with the loading/sending bar going right up to just before the end (say 90%) and then it will just stay there for a few minutes, then just fail!

I know it is supposed to send via SMS if it doesn’t work and the contacts I’m sending it to do have SMS’able mobile numbers but it doesn’t tell me it is doing this. So I keep trying to send it and although it says ‘failed’ sometimes the recipients DO get the message…

This is just really annoying and I would like to know a fix!


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How To Use Gevey Sim to Unlock Your iPhone 4 – iOS 4 & 5 Baseband Network Unlock Review

Here I explain what the Gevey Sim is and how to use it.
The Gevey Sim unlocks your iPhone using an adapted sim tray and chip which your ‘locked out’ sim card will sit on. It bypasses the network lock through the emergency calls function of the phone.

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