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New 2011 iPhone to be revealed on October 4th (iPhone 5?)

Save your rumours for next year!

So the latest word in the Apple community is that the iPhone 5 will be revealed on Tuesday 4th October. As usual you will see hundreds of rumours on the web, from a vague information source, about it having ‘this or that’ in the specification of the new handset. And no, the image above is not the new iPhone 5 – it is actually a clear housing mod for the iPhone 4, did it catch you out?

Al Gore (one of the Apple board members) did let slip in a conference in South Africa that, “new iPhones [are] coming out next month.” A plural which hints that a ‘lite’ version of the iPhone 4 (iPhone 4S?) may also be released.

“A new tier of device will be created in AT&T’s phone database on October 4th which will require a higher rate of insurance.”

Until then I will not be listening to any rumours and waiting to see if it will be worth getting over my current iPhone 4. However the expected improvements are a larger screen and a dual core processor – which a number of phones incorporate currently.

However the US citizens will not be able to buy on the day as the phone won’t be released to the public for a few weeks after the unveiling.

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  1. October 4, 2011 at 1:59 am

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