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Best Looking PC 2011 – Hammerhead HMR989 from Darwin Machine

You’re probably not going to see this in PC World…

For around £1900, this futuristic ‘Hammerhead HMR989’ from Darwin Machine would make your PC a lot more special than all of your mates. Created from panels of eco-resin, (plastic recycled from old vending machines for you tree huggers out there) and brushed or anodized aluminium all hand built, results in a piece of modern art that wouldn’t look out of place in a gallery today.

From the exterior you can see the PSU (power supply unit), on the other side an ‘open air’ Thermaltake SpinQ CPU cooler with the graphics card camouflaged / blended well into the design.

The specification features:

  • Intel Core i7-2600 Sandy Bridge 3.4GHz CPU
  • LGA 1155 Intel H67 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX motherboard
  • 4 Gb ram
  • 1 40 gb solid state disk drive
  • 1 1 Tb front loaded “hot-swappable” hard drive
  • 1 extra hot-swap tray for a second hard drive
  • nVidia ENGTX550 TI graphics card
  • Optical CD/DVD drive
  • 750W modular power supply
  • Thermaltake Spin-Q CPU cooler
  • Windows 7 64-bit Home premium
  • CNC brushed and anodized aircraft aluminum frame 16″H x 18″L x 7″W(10″ with cpu fan)
  • Ecoresin panels with Mil-Spec quick release system(motherboard side only)
  • Lifetime warranty on all non-electrical chassis components

Personally I feel that the 1TB hard drive is adequate but could be larger so that it still has space in a few years time. Also 4GB of RAM? They could easily have 12GB with the price hardly increasing but I would have liked to see at least 6GB. But these things can be easily changed yourself so maybe that’s their reason with the processor & accompanying motherboard being the foundations to set in stone. Overall you are paying for a good system but even better aesthetics and for something so unique you could do a lot worse. The target market is for gamers who want to play straight from the box and the spec proves it will do the job. Lets hope more towers are designed outside of the ‘box’ in the near future.

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